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  Welcome to Bluewater! The proud and dedicated folks behind each custom-designed, custom-built Bluewater luxury yacht. The Bluewater Mission: For almost fifty years, a single goal has steered our company: To build one of the most stable luxury yachts on big water. It's evident in everything we do, from our founder's vision to the beautiful details of our craftsmanship. Bluewater is located in Mora, Minnesota. And with good reason. This small, Midwestern community embraces the long-lost ideal of this old-world attitude with the cutting edge technology needed to build each Bluewater yacht. When you choose a Bluewater, you're joining a select group of discerning owners. People who appreciate our sleek, distinctive design. Who seek to express themselves in a unique way. And who want to celebrate the successes of their lives. You're actually joining the Bluewater family. It's not a clichι. It's the way we do business. "Different By Design" Defined! Bluewater yachts are truly different. One look at our low, stream-lined design makes that apparent. Our yachts are designed to be more stable, easier to captain and provide more usable space than others on the market. From the moment you take the wheel of a Bluewater, you'll fall in love with its ease of maneuverability. You'll also appreciate that it's as luxurious as a second home that just happens to be sea-worthy. Compare a custom-designed Bluewater to any mass-produced luxury yacht and you'll understand why "Different by Design" makes Bluewater so right for you. Different By Design: • Unmatched Stability • Better Performance • Built Tough To Take It • Smoother Ride • Incomparable Responsiveness • Worry-free Exploration • Convenient Controls • One-level Living • Plenty of Storage • Easy Entry • Custom Designed Luxury • Better Value • Factory Direct
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